How long will it take to pay back?
Using your traditional airer will allow you to dry your clothes without the need for a tumble dryer. So how much will that save you?

Ignoring the cost of buying and servicing a tumble dryer over it’s lifetime, a quick bit of internet research may give you the following answer:

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Make a difference!

Every household will have it’s own usage, so do your own research, but we reckon for the average family a Clothesmaid may pay for itself within a year.
Using our Six ceiling airer with its huge drying capacity would quickly earn it’s keep! You are also more importantly saving the planet by using less electricity.

  • Attractive, traditional design
  • Space saving, practical solution
  • Economical alternative to tumble dryer
  • Use your home’s natural warmth
  • Not weather dependent
  • Lower your carbon footprint