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Attractive, space saving pulley clothes airer in 5 colours

from £32.85

Space saving, traditional pot shelf or hanging pot rack

from £29.49

Replacement wooden slats, pulleys, hooks, cast iron rackends & more

From £1.99

Victorian hanging clothes airer with 4 wooden slats

from £35.35

Large ceiling mounted pulley clothes airer with 6 slats

from £44.55

Folding Clothes Airer, Wooden Clothes Prop, Wooden Clothes Horse & more

from £2.99
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CLOTHESMAID - a stylish, ceiling mounted clothes airer for your home

Easy to install, the attractive design for our clothes airers maximises the space in your home - whether it's a traditional country house or a city centre flat.

A hanging wooden clothes airer is a real alternative to using a tumble dryer - whatever the weather - and more effective than free standing clothes airers. Similar to the Victorian hanging clothes airers, our designs are ceiling mounted and therefore use the natural rising warm air in your home. This means you're not only saving money (see Money Sense!) but you're reducing the amount of energy you use when drying clothes - good news for the environment.

We assemble and finish all our products in our Needwood workshop. They're made in the traditional way, with rope, pulleys, cast iron and wooden slats - we've taken great care sourcing our materials so they're built to last!

We're so proud of the design of our clothes airers that we have put the same quality, space saving principle to use by offering stylish co-ordinating traditional pot racks and pot shelves.

We also have a full range of pulleys, wooden slats, spare parts and accessories to ensure you get a lifetime of use out of your traditional clothes airer.